Effective learning through stress reduction and positive mental health.


NRW, Germany

As principle of a mainstream school with a diverse and at-risk student population in Northern Germany I struggled with teacher retention, burn out as well as my own burn out. Finding Movement Method and first simply applying it to our teachers we found that with happier, less stressed teachers, and the Movement Method academic approach to the students all our children started to excel. Inclusion was suddenly possible. We are now getting requests from Universities to study our success.

District 49, Colorado

I was burned out thinking of quitting after almost 24 years. Movement Method gave me a new set of tools to reach kids that had seemed unreachable. Not only were the kids enjoying learning again and their scores going up, but problem behaviors evaporated, as did my own stress. It’s so simple and easy to do. I wish I had found this years ago.

Why do I want to Move My School?

Kids want to learn and need to move! Schools know nature and movement promote learning. However, instead of combining movement and nature with academics, the current system at best separates them out into different time slots – thereby creating more stress and work for the teacher – or at worst ignores movement and nature altogether, resulting in depression, behavioral problems, anxiety and low academic achievement. Inclusion becomes almost impossible. Teachers and students burn out.

By combining cutting edge academics with movement and nature, even in a classroom setting, Movement Method addresses all these problems at one stroke. Based on sound neuro science – the creation of oxytocin for happiness and communication, the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, the creation of cognitive function protein BDNF – Movement Method saves time, ups academic scores, restores positive mental health in teacher and student alike and its specialized academic programs make inclusion finally possible.

Find out why so many teachers and indeed whole schools have found Movement Method the solution to the challenge of burnout, low achievement and lack of real inclusion.

1: The Program

An innovative approach to complete learning objectives and standards through movement. Move while you do Math, Science, Language, Arts or any other subject!

2: Professional Development

Get your school started with short introduction sessions, online webinars, or comprehensive courses.

3: Contact Us To Start

Drop us a line at support@ntls.co and we help create the right program for your school.

Research and Statistics

Research has shown that movement improves learning and mental/emotional health. To dive into data and scientific evidence to support our Method, continue reading below.

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