Move My School/Movement Method Testimonials

Read below what teachers, school administrations and other professionals in the field say about Movement Method in schools. Also don’t miss the video testimonials at the end of this page.


“This program made true inclusion possible for me. Not only was I able to reach children I felt I was not able to reach before, but it also helped me advance each individual children more effectively. This was true for social, emotional growth as well as academic skills and achievements.

All teaching was done in movement, with the help of natural elements in the classroom and aligned with State Standards.” Public School and IB Teacher/Trainer, Colorado

“This is how I always wanted to teach” Public school teacher Movement Method Pilot Classroom. Movement Method Pilot Classroom, District 49

“Our child was more engaged and learned so well with the hands on approach.” Parent in Colorado (View a copy of the end of year parent survey here)


“We have seen so much positive change for students, teachers, and administration, that multiple universities have started studies into our success. Significant changes started when we added Movement Method to our tool box.” Principle Mammut School, Germany

“The children have fun learning and are able to better process information because of moving while learning.” Public School Teacher Elementary School in Ahlen, Germany

“Children with all background and challenges are able to cope and process stresses in a more effective manner which then also allows them to focus on academic, social and life skills” Social Services, Warendorf Germany (Vorstand Kinderschutz Bund Warendorf)

“Disguising skills that a child needs to focus on behind their intrinsic motivations make learning fun, easy and achievable. We are a remote outdoor learning campus for our local school and have not only seen progress in academic and social skills but have also seen families become more involved in their children’ lives and their school community.” Pedagogic Farm and Active Stable Berkhoff – Outdoor Learning Campus, Ahlen Germany


“We were able to set up a more effective environment to help children learn in a stress free, natural environment. Movement Method helped us prepare the children for their next developmental stage. “ Farm De Lek – Educational Farm , Thailand

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